Negotiation – A way to bank funding

Bank funding when negotiated well will help you earn the best return on your investment. The negotiating process is continual. When relationships are developed over time, you will get to see good negotiating outcomes. Think about the best and worst scenario even before the negotiations begin. Many entrepreneurs underestimate...

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Why Your Business Needs a Business Valuation

A business valuation refers to the process of assessing the value of a business. Owners of a small, closely-held or family business, may think of having a business valuation as an unwarranted, an unnecessary expense. But, the benefits of having one should never be overlooked. These valuations can be...

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Execution is the Key to Success

Execution is the key for any startup. Ideas are abundant, execution is not. Execution is the key to success. Knowing how to execute your idea is of paramount importance. In a startup scenario, there is no road map to success. You tend to work on an idea and see...

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Unleash the Power of Incentives

How do we motivate the sales force? Do you know that people are highly motivated when they are appreciated? Appreciation can be tangible and intangible. Incentives are powerful and influence behaviour. Choosing the incentive scheme for your sales team is a critical task. The scheme needs to be exciting...

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Seed Funding for Startups

Startup companies come in different forms. An entrepreneur creates an idea and conceptualizes into product or service. There are different stages in a startup. The idea stage is the process of transforming a business idea into an executable business plan. Startups need financing to develop the idea to a...

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